How to turn a delivery person into a good seller


The SELLONBOARD application (traveling salesman) incorporates innumerable presales functions and:
  • Advanced Sales System: Complete sales process with a very agile sales methodology and all types of alerts about the customer to increase the sale.
  • Traceable: Control of lots and expiration dates of every product, from the vehicle load to sales and delivery documents issued to the customers.
  • Code Capture: Capturing information through barcodes, QR/RFDI/NFT codes.
  • Management of Vehicle Load: Load sheets. Load revision. Stock update. Stock regularization. Total and partial unloads.
  • Load optimization for the vehicle based on the needs of every route and sales to each customer.
  • Vehicle Stock: Control of stocks. Update of the vehicle’s stock at the time of the sale. Inventory report. Stock regularization based on product returns in good and bad conditions.
  • Collections: Summary of outstanding payments per customer. Payment methods. Collection generator based on sales. Collection of previous debts. Total and partial collections.
  • Income: Deposit of cash and checks at the bank, controlling the company, date and time of the deposit, GPS position of the deposit and amount.
  • Management of Cash/Treasury: Opening and closing of cash registers with the sales from each workday. If there is ever an incident making it impossible to send the information, we have a multi-cash register management system that allows you to open a new workday’s cash register within the device, which avoids cash register mix-ups in the ERP.
  • Payment Reports: Payment details. Details of the sales, document by document (delivery notes and invoices). Summary of the collections. Summary and detail of income. Summary and details of expenses.