We talk about selling not about technology

It’s more than an order collector … Mobentis will increase your sales:
  • Confirmed Sales Methodology: Management of offers and orders with an agile and effective sales methodology… and all types of intelligent alerts about the customer in order to increase sales.
  • Customer Analysis: We will sell more if we generate business for the customer, and in order to do this, we must know the customer perfectly. Details regarding their previous orders, statistics, evolution graphs, special offers…
  • Voice Info: The device tells the seller by live voice what they need to know about the customer they are going to visit. We take advantage of the time en route and improve the seller´s capacity to deal with the customer.
  • GPS Control of Visits: Because more visits = more sales
  • Geographic Help for the Seller: On mobile devices, Mobentis maps will help your sellers visualize… where the customers they need to visit during the day are located, which is the best route to take in order to optimize their work day, use of “street view” to see what their customers look like, and, if the customer isn’t available to meet with them, which other customers are nearby…
  • Sales Workflow: The “face-to-face” process of every visit can be managed (for example: 1. to collect, 2. to close pending agreements, 3. to see previous sales, 4. to sell…) by our managers from headquarters, even including mandatory steps.
  • Multimedia Catalog: The power of an image to make a sale. You can use images, PDF datasheets and demonstrative videos in order impact the customer and obtain more results.
  • Collection Management: There is no business without payments. Late payment alerts and collection management.
  • Road to Market: The sellers will be an extension of you, making sure that they offer the customer all the products you’ve chosen in every moment and in which conditions.
  • Customer Actions: Program and control the actions to carry out with the customers (delivery of catalogs, price lists, merchandise, brand models… or any other actions such as agreements, promotional visits…).
  • Customer Interest: You will be able to analyze the reasons why the customer is refusing a product and continuously improve the positioning of your products in the market. It also has the control of future interest, making it a proactive tool so that you won´t lose any sales opportunities.
  • Goal Motivation: Configure and analyze visit goals and sales for your sellers, customers and products. There is no motivation without goals!
  • Motivation for the Seller: Mobentis wouldn’t forget about something that is essential to company sales… seller motivation! We also motivate them in the mobile device by informing them what they need to obtain their prize.
  • GPS Control of Expenses: In addition to registering expenses more easily in situ (meals, hotel, gas…), they are positioned on the map, along with their date and time, to avoid false expenses.