Sectors such as banking, insurance, energy and other services… are the ones that most benefit from this powerful commercialization tool and have their own specialized solution within MOBENTIS.

MOBENTIS helps each member of the commercial team with the development of business opportunities through an advanced Consultative Sale, from identification and classification to successful closing.

It incorporates many functionalities of the presales version and the marketplace, substituting the traditional sales module for consultative sale by phases.

MOBENTIS facilitates the definition and automation of its own methodology of Consultative Sale:

  • Define the sale phases to characterize their opportunities.
  • Optimize planning by configuring reusable opportunity templates.
  • Access necessary information to monitor every opportunity.
  • Configure tasks and reminders in the moment that you need them to be executed.
  • Guarantees that opportunities will be serviced by the person indicated in every sales phase, as you have defined.
  • Get all the necessary information in every step or phase (foreseen, at the start, end, time, internal and external participants, attached documentation, location, valuation…)
    Interact with the sellers through web services (remote requests, valuation…)

  • Highlight active and pending closing opportunities.
  • Analyze the global situation of your opportunities and have every opportunity, in detail, within a dashboard.