Technical Service

3 management levels that adapt to the sophistication of its Technical Service model:

  • Basic
  • Advance (WOs)
  • Premium (Advance + Preventive + Loads and stocks)
    • Registration and management of incidents from customers, technicians and collaborating companies.
    • Geolocating every installation and guidance system for the technician.
    • Control and geolocating assets and their behavior through NFC.
    • Planning preventive and corrective maintenance services, equipment installation and removal.
    • Emergency assignments in real-time.
    • Geographic assistance for the assignation of unplanned incidences.
    • Detail of every service to be provided.
    • Real-time control of the time every intervention starts and ends.
    • Control of time spent.
    • List of replacement parts, parts and materials used.
    • Valuation and/or invoicing of the work parts.